Secure Data Destruction

One of the greatest concerns faced by our customers when disposing of redundant IT equipment is the removal and destruction of their personal and/or sensitive data contained within them.

As identity fraud attacks become more widespread and sophisticated, it is imperative that businesses and organisations ensure that secure data destruction processes are in place prior to the disposal and recycling of computers, laptops and other obsolete IT equipment. Failure to do so has obvious ramifications, not only to the public sector, but also to the company itself.

Austech provide secure data destruction services. Secure data erasure or the physical destruction of drives can be performed.

How does Austech perform secure data erasure destruction?

The only way to permanently destroy data, without physically destroying the hard disk, is by the multiple overwriting of the data by generating and recording random characters across the entire surface of the drive, resulting in complete data destruction and resetting of file sizes to zero.

There are a number of overwriting standards which people refer to, however the currently recognized UK standard is HMG IS 5 Enhanced.

Austech uses Blancco Drive Eraser software to ensure that all data on the drive is fully erased and completely non-recoverable.

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After we have fully erased the hard drive using Blancco Drive Eraser, we will provide an erasure certificate for each drive erased. This certificate gives you peace of mind and proves that the relevant guidelines have been adhered to.


What happens if data Erasure destruction is unsuccessful?

In the event that data destruction is unsuccessful i.e. if the hard drive fails the Blancco data erasure process, or if the client prefers the drive to be physically destroyed, we can use our Hard Disk Crusher.

Austech uses a HDC-V Hard Disk Crusher which is ADISA Certified. This makes physical hard drive destruction a speedier, more economical secure option to a hard drive degausser or hard drive eraser with visual verification of total data destruction achieved on every crushed drive.

The Hard Disk Crusher can crush up to 200 HDDs an hour. It drills through the hard disks spindles and physically ripples and tears the platters making it impossible to recover the data. Secure data destruction by crushing using the HDC-V is a simple and safe way to ensure that confidential information remains confidential by destroying it quickly, totally and permanently. Physical hard drive destruction means the data can never be recovered.

ON Site Data Destruction

Austech offer an on-site solution to crushed hard drives so the client can physically witness their hard drives being destroyed

The crusher is completely portable and works on any domestic electricity supply without a peripheral PC or workstation. The machine has a maximum 15 second cycle time for all drives regardless of their format. It’s super-fast and no configuration is required to destroy any type of drive.

Operation is 100% safe with a safety switch on the clear, reinforced door and because the 19″ high HDC-V is fully transportable, can be used onsite, anywhere.

Austech can crush Hard drives such as – SSD, SCSI, SAS IDE, and also media – USB data, SD Cards, DAT tapes, backup media.

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You can be certain that all our secure data destruction processes more than exceed Government guidelines and are fully compliant with all relevant legislation.